A Fever-Free Day!

*Sometimes WordPress gets the date wrong, this post was actually written Saturday, April 13, 2019:

Groundhog Day has always been one of my favorite movies. But this week in the hospital has reminded me too much of that movie. Almost the same day over and over and over again. But today, something was different!

Lilyan never ran any fever during the night last night, and she never ran any fever today! In fact, it has been almost 32 hours since the onset of her last fever episode. This is definitely something different! And definitely something good!

It’s also a little confusing, though, because the early results of her wound culture started from yesterday’s surgery seem to be indicating that there are at least two other bacteria growing in her back. We won’t know much until there is more growth — hopefully tomorrow — and until they go back in during tomorrow’s surgery and see how things look now. But a couple of the possibilities are pretty scary.

However, the fact that she seems better at the moment, instead of getting sicker, seems inconsistent with these findings. So we continue to wait, and we rejoice in the good moments (or hours like we had today).

The only negative thing to report today is that since her first surgery three and a half weeks ago, her hair has been falling out. A lot. And today we noticed that she has a pretty significant bald spot on the back of her head We’re not sure what’s causing this, but we hope it will stop soon. I’d love to not have to keep her hair up all the time, because I think that would help, but it has to be kept up and away from her incision, especially with all of her trips to the OR at the moment. It may sound silly, but prayers that this balding would not spread would be very appreciated.

No-Fever Day #3

They are telling us that surgery will be very early tomorrow morning. We will let you know more when we do.

I’ll wrap up with just a couple of pictures from today. It was a quiet day with way less traffic and fewer interruptions here in the room, so Lilyan and I spent a relaxing afternoon coloring together in a coloring book she bought with Christmas money from her Grandmother, using an amazing set of gel pens that one of her sisters and one of her nieces brought to her here in the hospital. And then this evening, the three of us watched some old Full House episodes.

No-Fever Day #1

No-Fever Day #2

Watching “Full House” with all her buddies



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