Cincinnati Symphony Hotel #1

We are the Rosenows — Scott and Kathy, and a whole brood of kids. Our first four children came to us via the old-fashioned way, and the next eighteen came to us through the wonder of adoption. Our biological children are now all grown, ranging in age from thirty-four to twenty-five. Two of these are married, and the oldest and her husband have nine children, five of whom are also adopted; the other and his wife have two biological sons, so far. Our thirty-five year old daughter who was born with severe developmental disabilities still lives at home with us – and she always will. She is a very key member of our team, and we can’t imagine how we could ever function without her serving so loyally and lovingly day in and day out by our sides. Our adopted children’s ages now range from nineteen to five with little clumps of nineteen-year-olds, fourteen-year-olds, eleven-year-olds, and eight-year-olds. We love watching the miracles God brings into our lives on a regular basis, as we trust Him to continually provide for all of our needs, and Scott and I thank Him daily for the privilege of parenting this magically beautiful crew filling our hearts and the inside of our home. While often incredibly hard, it truly is an amazing thing to strive alongside each other as we pray for the wisdom and energy to make our home a “resting-place to which at close of day, the weary retire to gather new strength for the battle and toils of tomorrow.”

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