Pushing Out Into Deep Waters

We have left you hanging for the past three-and-a-half weeks, so we wanted to catch you up a bit.

These three-and-a-half weeks have been very intense and included 60 appointments (yes, you read that correctly and no, that’s not a typo), a birthday celebration for Kathryn on Mother’s Day (which, sadly, ended with a significant seizure in the afternoon), major surgery for Carlin, and a high school graduation celebration for Meghan. As part of our celebration for Meghan, each sibling, niece, and nephew gave her a flower and a hug. Here are a few pictures.

Mother's Day for me; 11th Birthday for Kathryn (taken before her seizure later in the day)

Mother’s Day for me; 11th birthday celebration for Kathryn (taken before her seizure later in the day)

Surrounded by most of her siblings, nieces, and nephews

Surrounded by most of her siblings, nieces, and nephews

A nasty seizure hit as Kathryn was opening her last present. After 40 minutes, we had to sedate her to make it stop.

A nasty seizure hit as Kathryn was opening her last present. After 40 minutes, we had to heavily sedate her to make it stop.

So proud of Meghan and can't wait to see what's ahead for her now

So proud of Meghan and can’t wait to see what’s ahead for her now

Meghan's Graduation #8 Meghan's Graduation #22 Meghan's Graduation #14 Meghan's Graduation #20 Meghan's Graduation #13 Meghan's Graduation #9

The big adoption news, though, is that, as of today, we have now completed everything required for our homestudy.

Also, in spite of the fact that we haven’t yet been able to pay our attorney his fee, he has begun work on the complicated paperwork process between Ohio and the state where “Marcus” is currently living while he waits for us to come for him. (We can’t wait until the day that we can share his real name with all of you.)

The other big news is that a group of people have come forward and volunteered to build the triple bunk bed we have to have before we bring this new Rosenow home. Scott had really hoped to be able to build this himself as a fun project with the other boys, but we have been forced to accept the reality that these kinds of projects just can’t be done by us at this point in our lives. The children’s needs are too demanding to allow any of the extra time required for something like this — especially during an adoption. So we are very thankful for these people (most of whom don’t even know our family) who are providing this service of love for us. We do, however, need to purchase the materials for the bed, and that brings me to our timeline and where we stand with our current needs for this adoption.

We are still hoping to travel and bring home our new little one around June 22, but we can’t travel or complete the adoption until we have the rest of the funds for all of these expenses. We have been told to plan to stay anywhere between three and ten days in his state to complete the custody process, so in the figures below, we are estimating travel costs based on seven days there. If you would like to be a part of “Marcus’s” story, our remaining needs are as follows (details for making tax-deductible donations are at the end of this post):

  • Triple Bunk Bed Materials + mattress, etc: $500-600
  • Travel (plane tickets, hotel, meals, car rental): Approximately $2900
  • Attorney fee: $2000
  • Prayer: We need much prayer as we prepare for the challenges we should expect when this little one begins his long journey to healing. As I said in earlier posts, we can’t share details at this point, but he has experienced trauma, rejection, neglect, and abuse in his short life. All reports indicate that the damage caused by these things is manifesting in some challenging behaviors as his heart cries out for someone to reach in and rescue him. We want a team of prayer warriors surrounding us as we begin trying to communicate to him that we are his family forever and that our love is his for life; as we start getting to know who he is underneath the behaviors that proclaim the fear he lives with every day; as we petition Heaven for the wisdom to know how to bring to him the healing he so desperately needs; as we ask God for the courage needed to persevere in our commitment to never leave him alone again.

We know that we are entering into a chapter of our lives that could possibly be harder and scarier than anything we have yet encountered. But we are walking this path with great excitement. Not because we are certain that it will have an easy, fairytale ending, but because there is no joy as great as the joy of knowing you are following God’s will, no matter what that might cost. But we don’t want to face these days, weeks, months, years alone. Would you please pray for us and be a part of our new son’s fresh beginning?

Our new son, known as

Our new son, known as “Marcus” for now. This is the only picture we are allowed to share right now, but stay tuned.

As you already know, I love quotes. I will close with this one from one of my favorite writers, J. R. Miller. It’s certainly fitting as we stand on the brink of this new thrilling, terrifying, full-of-hope adventure. Won’t you join us?

“We can make life easy, in a way, by refusing to grapple with its antagonisms; but in this way we never can make anything beautiful and worthy of our life. We may keep along shore with our craft, never pushing out into deep waters; but then we shall never discover new worlds, not learn the secret of the sea. We may spare ourselves costly service and great sacrifices, by saving our own life from hardships, risks, and pain, but we shall miss the blessing which can come only through the losing of self. When God sets us in places where we must struggle, He is then giving us an opportunity to win the richest blessing. ‘May Your will be done’ must breathe through all our sobbings and cries, like the melody of a sweet song in a dark night of storm.”
~ J. R. Miller, 1894


donate online here


mail a check to:
The Shepherd’s Crook Orphan Ministry
P.O. Box 773
West Chester, OH 45071

Either way, be sure you designate that the donation is for “Marcus Rosenow”

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