The Price of Such a Mercy Wonderfully Enhanced

“When our needs are permitted to grow to an extremity, and all visible hopes fail, then to have relief given, wonderfully enhances the price of such a mercy.”
~ John Flavel (c.1627–1691)

God graciously allows us to experience this so often in our life as He takes us deeper and deeper into a place of living a life of faith, and exposes to us tangibly just how incapable we are of meeting our own needs.

And He has done this again.

Thanks to your prayers and your gifts of love, we now have what we need to move forward with this adoption. We don’t have all we need to complete it, but we are ready to roll full speed ahead. And we know God will take us all the way again.

Stay tuned now as this story unfolds and our new son joins our family. We’ll continue to keep you posted here.

We can’t even begin to express the depth of our gratitude to all of you. We are practically euphoric over what we’ve seen during the past day or so. Thank you! Thank you!

More to come. Stay tuned!

Our new son, known as

Our new son, known as “Marcus” for now. This is the only picture we are allowed to share right now, but stay tuned.

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