Family Portrait!

We did it! We survived another family portrait day! I’ll share three photos here — one of the entire family (including kids-in-law; Ryan’s girlfriend, Anna; and the seven grandchildren);  one of us with just our 18-still-at-home kids; and one of just the two of us. It was a fun day, and the weather was beautiful. The only negative was that the sun came out brightly — right in our eyes — just as we were snapping the shot in front of the barn.

We have some other news to share about the kids and family happenings, but no time now. Jaden’s spine surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and we’ll try to update the blog a bit while we’re in the hospital with him.

We would certainly cherish prayers for Jaden’s surgery tomorrow — no complications, a short hospital stay, and that all will go well with the kids back here at home. Thank you (THANK YOU!) to those of you who are providing meals for our family during this hospital stay.

More later!

Entire Family - 10-14 - smaller

RosenowFamilyPhotos - Scott and Kathy

With our 18 at-home kids

With our 18 at-home kids

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