Little Update on Lilyan

As part of our continued search for answers about Lilyan’s terrible headaches, we took her to see her ophthalmologist this week — and also to her neurologist to discuss the results of her EEG.

Our eye doctor confirmed that, although it was very clear that Lilyan badly needs glasses, this is not the source of her headaches. We had her fitted for glasses, and she should have those in a week or so. We’re glad that this was caught so soon after her homecoming, and we’re anxious for her to be able to see the world around her more accurately. (Owen also needs glasses now after a drastic and sudden change in his vision. Poor guy.)

Eye Exams 10-15 #5

Depth perception part of her exam

Eye Exams 10-15 #3

Owen’s exam

Busy Day 10-16 #2

Our first choice for Lilyan. Had to take our second choice because these weren’t covered by our insurance. Second place ones were super cute, too.

Busy Day 10-16 #3

Love the way Owen will look in his new glasses as soon as they are ready!

Then yesterday we saw Dr. Franz, our neurologist. Lilyan’s EEG was completely normal, so we can be pretty confident that the headaches aren’t seizure related. This was good news, but we are still hoping for some kind of clear answer. For now, he is going to begin treating them as migraines and start Lilyan on a daily medication.

In the meantime, we will see her neurosurgeon, Dr. Stevenson, again in about ten days to discuss the results of her shuntogram and also talk about the possibility of a trip into the OR for a visual of her shunt as the last piece of confirmation that there is no malfunction there.

That’s about it for now. Our family portrait is still on for tomorrow, and I think we’re all the way ready – — even down to hair accessories for all those female heads of hair. We’ll try to post some of those after tomorrow, and also post any updates with Lilyan.

Happy Weekend To All!

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