Exciting News and Pre-Christmas Sale!

Books are here!!


Look what just arrived! Boxes full of Through the Branches: Tales From the Life of an Unusual Family. This is not, yet, the promised follow-up to our first book, but rather a smaller companion to that book.

This book, and our first book, Swaying in the Treetops, are both now available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. (E-books will be available there in the next few weeks.)

Swaying in the Treetops retails for $33.99 and Through the Branches for $17.49 (prices set by the publisher).


But we are offering, as a pre-Christmas sale, signed copies for $25 and $12, respectively, including shipping and handling.


Click here for details and ordering information.

Please make sure you provide the name(s) of the recipient(s) with correct spelling on that online form, and if you’d like a personalized signing, please share something about the recipient(s) and/or their story. Otherwise, we will be happy to just sign with a generic little note.

This is from the publisher’s Diagnostic Review if you’d like to know more about our newest book:

“[In Through the Branches, written] as a companion to their first book, Swaying in the Treetops, the authors share a collection of vignettes that offer an inspiring and entertaining look into the daily life of their large family. With both biological and adopted children, the authors use their real-life stories to encourage other parents and families to embrace the wonder of family relationships. The book is written eloquently and fluently, clearly expressing the story of a unique family and the daily happenings in their life. The writing is easy to understand, detailed, and beautifully written, showing the wonders of life in their family. The authors have portrayed valuable personal experiences, with humility and authenticity, that show true vulnerability that can greatly impact the reader. Many books about family life try to make everything seem perfect, but this book shows the reality of family life, with its challenges and victories, and reveals the beauty of genuine storytelling in family relationships.”

We are so excited to share these stories from inside our family’s home. All proceeds go to The Shepherd’s Crook Orphan Ministry.

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