Safe as a Little Child

“In the midst of all the great rush of events and circumstances, in which we can see no order and no design, we well know that each believer in Christ is as safe as any little child in the arms of the most loving mother! It is not a mere blind faith that we try to nourish in our hearts as we seek to school ourselves to quietness and confidence amid all life’s trials and disappointments: it is a faith that rests upon the character and the infinite goodness of God—the faith of a little child in a Father whose name is ‘Love’ and whose power extends to every part of His universe. So here we find solid rock upon which to stand, and good reason for our lesson that we should never worry. Our Father is taking care of us!”
J. R. Miller (1840-1912) 

just commented to a friend the other day that we seemed to finally have entered a place of calm after such a crazy two years.

I mean, I had to have an absolutely horrible injection into my foot late last week for a neuroma that’s affecting life at the moment, and Kathryn had another bout of urinary retention that required us to place a Foley again. But overall, it was such an awesome week with great schooling and healthy meals on the table, Kathryn’s Foley was removed on Tuesday and she seemed to be doing great, and Scott and I had a peaceful, rejuvenating date day yesterday just hanging out in Waynesville and doing pretty much nothing.

Date Day in Waynesville 3-31

One of the quaint little shops in Waynesville

But as the day ended yesterday, my doctor returned a phone call I left for him because my foot is still not responding fully to the injection from last week. He told me I had to spend the entire weekend off of my foot, using heat, and taking large doses of Motrin. If it’s not better by Monday then we have to repeat the injection (and just hearing that made me start to cry because, I know I’m being a baby, but those things hurt!) 

Also yesterday, Nathan’s leg suddenly began giving him trouble again, and he had to stay out of his prosthesis and ice it throughout the day.

And Caelyn did something suddenly to her foot — our fear is that she has torn her Achilles tendon. She is also off her feet and icing until we can talk to her orthopedic doctor on Monday.

So, heat for me, ice for them, all three of us on the couch for the weekend. Got it.

I went to bed last night, not super happy about this (especially because it meant no church again tomorrow), but willing to accept it and see what the next couple of days bring.

Then this morning, as Scott and I were waking up, one of our teen daughters knocked on our door to say that Kathryn was crying because she wasn’t able to empty her bladder — again. No leisurely start to this day.

Oh, and Roslyn was complaining of pain and not feeling well.

We decided to do sterile catheterizations on both of them and take in specimens to check for infection. That worked for Kathryn, but Roslyn’s stoma (the opening that was made in her abdomen in September for cathing her) had completely sealed itself off and we couldn’t insert a catheter at all. This is typically an emergency situation, so Scott headed off to Children’s where our urologist was waiting to check her.

We decided I had to stay here to do my best to stay off my foot and to care for Kathryn in case we determined she needed a Foley placed before the day ended.

She did. I’m glad I was here.

Roslyn’s doctor examined her and immediately made plans to get her into the OR. She accepted this news calmly on the outside, but was clearly struggling with some anxiety.

And my heart wanted to be with her.

And with Kathryn.

Stoma Surgery #1

Roslyn’s capable daddy cared for her and the VAT team got her IV in easily with the use of an ultrasound machine. She is in surgery now. Her surgeon had to leave one of his children’s dance competitions to come to Roslyn’s rescue. I hate that. We have such a great team caring for our children.

It will be a short surgery — only about an hour or so. This is the first-step try. They will send her home with a catheter in place in her stoma for a few days. If this doesn’t work, they will have to go back into the OR and do something more aggressive.

This is not how I would’ve ordered this day. But I read the quote above early this morning, even before we knew all that was waiting for us. And I do long to have “faith that rests upon the character and the infinite goodness of God.” 

As I type this, one of my dear friends is by her daughter’s bedside, holding her hand as she waits for this sweet daughter, who would’ve turned fifteen next month, to be escorted by a legion of angels into the presence of her Heavenly Father.

This puts life into perspective. And makes me weep.

Thank you for praying for our family. Would you also please pray for precious Izzy’s family today as they ease her through her final days and hours here on earth. This child has touched literally hundreds of lives during her years here, and her suffering has been significant lately. My heart is breaking for them, and I pray that they feel His loving arms around them today.

 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:7

Izzy and her precious mommy

Izzy and her precious mommy

3 thoughts on “Safe as a Little Child

  1. I love this quote! Praying for you all today. So much on your plate and on your heart. Thankful that you and Scott has some time away. Praying for Izzy and family too.So grateful that your kids have you for their parents! Praying that your foot feels better and that there will be no second injection. It seems like Roslyn has had a tough several months now. And Kathryn. And Nathan, for a very long time . Praying for Caelyn. Praying for God’s strength for your days. And for His peace.


  2. Praying for each of you, that God would heal and that your faith would be strong. Press in, dear Jesus, and wrap your arms of love around this family. ❤


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