Cancer Treatment: No Spread!

We wanted to jot a quick note to let everyone know that Scott’s staging MRI results showed that there has been no spread of cancer outside of the prostate. We are so thankful for this news, and this makes all of our upcoming plans for treatment “definitely definite” now. So we are moving full steam ahead.

While sitting in the waiting room today, I spotted this sitting on one of the shelves. One more reminder that God is walking beside us and carrying us when needed.


We decided to spend some time here on this trip purchasing any of the consumables we hadn’t already brought with us from home in order to save packing space when we bring the whole family back. The only possible time we could do this was yesterday evening, so that’s another reason we are really glad to know that the plans we have in place will remain in place. This is what four hours in Target looks like. These three carts of goods, once bagged, totally filled every available space in our rental car, and we so grateful to the owners of the house for letting us use their shed to store all of this stuff until we return in a couple of weeks.

Target Day in Kno

Scott’s procedure today was not a fun one, but the fiducial markers, which will be used for guiding precise placement of the proton beam, are all in place now, and he will carry little pieces of gold inside his body for the rest of his life. We are going to spend the evening resting now while his Valium wears off, watching episode after episode of Monk, thanks to loaned DVD’s from Ryan’s girlfriend, Anna. Since Internet is a real challenge here, we are getting a little reminder of what life was like before Netflix. It can still be done.

Watching Monk

Thank you all for your prayers. We will continue to keep you posted now as this adventure gets going for real.


4 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment: No Spread!

  1. I cried with joy as I read your post! I know God is always good, but how relieved you must be not to have additional cancer to fight! We have been praying for you guys…. more on your plates than I can fathom! It has made me gain perspective in my own life lately. Please know that even if you don’t hear from me very often, I am going before the throne on your behalf! We really love you guys!


  2. “No spread of cancer” are some of the best words you can hear when journeying through cancer! So happy for you and your family! Continuing to pray!


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