Tampa, Here We Come!

We have spent the last few days packing and running errands, and . . .  oh yeah, there were those seven brace/PT appointments yesterday where the kids were casted or fitted for new braces, had repairs done on their existing braces, and did some major workouts with their therapists . . .

. . . and that appointment with Meghan’s hand surgeon where we learned that she has to have surgery on both of her hands. 😖 We will do her right hand in March (24th) once we have Nathan and Erin completely back on their feet. She will be in a cast for about four weeks and then have some therapy for a few weeks. We’ll take a break for the summer and then do her left hand at the end of August or early September.

Oh, and that follow-up with Jaden’s spine surgeon and the news that Jaden has to have another surgery on the other rod in his back. (Ick.) His doctor wanted to do it fairly soon but was fine waiting until early fall so it won’t interrupt any swimming that Jaden might be able to do this summer. Whew!

So . . . with those items all taken care of or properly postponed, we are now free to catch that plane to Tampa tomorrow morning.

We had actually really hoped to be in bed by about 8:30 tonight so we would be fully rested as the five of us embark on this adventure. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite finished yet.

Several of the kids popped their heads into our bedroom throughout the day while I was busy packing (with the help of our new puppy, Murray) and Scott was running to Target (AGAIN!) for that one more thing I forgot to pick up ahead of time. (I know I used to be able to plan ahead. I actually used to be really, really good at it. Not sure what’s happened.)

Each time they looked in on us, they exclaimed, “Wow. that’s a lot of stuff! It looks like you’re going to China.”

They’re right. It kinda does. So many supplies to take when all three have to be catheterized every three hours, and quite a bit of medication, too. A few times today, we caught ourselves wondering what in the world we were thinking when we came up with this great idea.

Murray helping with the packing

Murray helping with the packing

Robyn is our most organized, planner-personality child, and she is crucial to any kind of an undertaking like this. She and Meghan helped me get all of the kids’ outfits — including matching hair accessories for the girls — divided into large Ziplock bags that have been labeled with initials and which day they are to be worn. I do love organization. Packing #2

In spite of the job the packing has been, we are so excited to take this trip. We just hope to get a little sleep tonight first.

We’ll post again from Tampa and try to keep everyone updated on how things go there. Thank you all who responded to Iris and committed to bringing meals to our family here. And thank you all for your prayers for us as we travel, as well as for all of the Rosenows and Godwins staying behind here to keep things going.

More soon!

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